My name is Simon Sure, I’m 19 years old and currently located in Zurich, Switzerland. I am originally from Kempen, Germany and moved for my Computer Science Bachelor studies to Switzerland. I enjoy working intensively on projects but still focus mostly on my studies @ETHZurich. Besides, I join events from institutions and companies whenever possible. To balance all those activities, I go running regularly and currently train for marathons.

Since the semester which started in September 2023, I am teaching assistant for Discrete Mathematics @ETHZurich. For roughly a year, I am also house representative for WOKO in a settlement in Dietikon, Switzerland.

I’m always interested in meeting new people and hearing other’s stories. So, if you’re reading this, please reach out.

A current version of my resume may be found here. Up-to-date information may be found on my socials, specifically my LinkedIn.