FLIZAR originated with the Digital Seeds ideathon. Our project group formed in early-mid 2023 and since then we have worked hard on our platform.

FLIZAR enables students to prepare as effficient as possible for their exams (personalized to their specific course considering university and lecturer). This is possible by custom generating an unlimited amount of training materials for each student. The exercises include solutions and FLIZAR adapts to a learner’s performance. For lecuturers, FLIZAR provides detailed insights into their student’s understanding of the lecture material. Also, we provide exam task suggestions tailored to the specific course content and difficulty.

Currently, we test FLIZAR internationally at universities and lower education. We cooperate with professors, other educators and school book publishers. Some content is also already public and you can take a closer look at https://www.flizar.com. If you like looking at ‘invisible’ private repos, you can also look to see nothing on GitHub.